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How do I create a new Order and get back the order ID?


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I'm a newbee with prestashop and sorry if my question is very basic. I'm trying to develop a custom payment gateway module.

I have succeeded in creating a module which connects to the payment gateway with the test data to be executed.


I'm stuck at a point where now I'm trying to populate the test data with the dynamic data generated by the cart.


My question is: how can I execute the cart to create a new order and get the order ID and other order details which I can populate to send the data to the payment gateway to complete the payment.



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this way. you have use validateorder() function. this function is here /classes/paymentmodule.php

$currency = new Currency(intval(isset($_POST['currency_payement']) ? $_POST['currency_payement'] : $cookie->id_currency));
$total = floatval(number_format($cart->getOrderTotal(true, 3), 2, '.', ''));
$modulename = new modulename();
$modulename->validateOrder($cart->id,  _PS_OS_PAYMENT_, $total, $modulename->displayName, NULL, $mailVars, $currency->id);		
$order = new Order($modulename->currentOrder);

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I have a similar problem, when gateway return errors in payments, how to get the order id but the product remains in the basket ?

Function validateOrder clear cookie and empty cart, and I would not want it to happen.



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