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How to adjust the drop down menus on front page?

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in the picture there are references to ipods, laptops and a vimeo video. in the other picture there are three "gifts". I sell light bulbs rather than applie products.


I want to change these to display something else. Just knowing the name for these element or modules helps a lot.



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It's hard to tell exactly because this is not the original theme.

But It's looks like all the changes you need to make from the module, it also might be categories and sub categories names which you can change from back office (catalog).

as for the module name, go to back office/modules/positions and check all your installed modules, scroll down and look for "Header of pages - XX modules (Technical name:displayHeader) this will give you a list of all modules from the header of the page.

scroll down a bit more and look for "Top of pages - XX modules (technical name:displayTop) this will be more specific for your question, just check all modules names and than look for them in the modules/modules tab in back office.

when you reach the module you need just look for Configure in the module.

Based on the div class you might be looking for something like: menuongroup or lofmegamenu.


I hope this is what you looking for

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