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Hello everyone

In a normal mode of registration the user immediately after registering is active and directly logs in the online store. I prefer the user not to be active until their address and contact data is not approved by the administrator on the phone and in that case I removed in AuthController.php not to be active after registration ($customer->active = 0). In that way immediately after the user's registration it redirects them to "index.php?controller=authentication&back=my-accoun" and does not log them in the system, which is normal since they are not active.

The issue is that I want to provide a message exactly at that time which will notify the user that an approval of his data is waiting, not certain how to make that happen.

Could you please guide me how to proceed.


Thank you!

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Hi when you still search for the solution

Its not soo dificult in the end


In the controllers/front/AuthController.php


you add In the * Process login *


in the line 280


you can add this


           $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('Your account is waiting for shop approval.');                
           elseif (!$authentication || !$customer->id)
               // Handle brute force attacks
               $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('Authentication failed');


you can change the message of corse


hope it can help you

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