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So after 5-6 days of bloody hell, finally got the crappy presta upgrade to work. I thought I give some directions here.


If you tried manual and 1-click upgrade and get SQL errors and module unzip error, most likely you have the same problem as me.



The problem lies with the imcompatability of your server with presta's crappy upgrade scripts. You simply download WAMP and install on your computer and perform the upgrade from within WAMP with your backed up copy of your site and db. You will see that the upgrade went without any single error (your nightmare is almost over).


If you still get SQL errors here, this is because while doing upgrade and failed, the upgrade script partially INSERTED some tables and fields. Sometimes between rolling up (1-click) and upgrading, some tables and fields from the partial upgrade still remains. And without knowing, you used this backed up version to install in WAMP. How to solve this? Read below.


You need a database syncronizer. Most likely the syncronizer in phpmyadmin won't work. You download SQLyog to compare the table and fields of your partially upgraded db with a freshly installed db just so that all your tables and fields and keys are synced. Do the 1-click upgrade again and everything should work fine.


Until here, you must be a very happy man. All you need to do now is match a freshly installed with your upgraded module hooks and position+install them correctly, you have an upgraded presta. Now, just upload everything to your server and wala!


So much for 1-click!


If it works for you, make a post here

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