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featured products not styling according to featuredproducts.css


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Hello fellow prestashop users!


Im currently having a bit of difficulty with the "featured products on the homepage" module, as it appears to be inheriting its style from an unknown source, and not from the featuredproducts.css. Im using firebug in firefox to try and inspect the location to where its inheriting the style, but i cant find it. I want to edit the featuredproducts block without altering the product list, as i have just managed to get it aligned properly. So how can i stop the featured products block inheriting its style...from where ever it is inheritiing its style, and to style according to the featuredproducts.css.


This proberbly makes no sence, but if you check out my site at www.exposeclothing.com.au and scroll down, you will see the error im facing. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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me too on this one. I'm looking to adjust the css for featured products on the home page but if I change the style of featured products.css it doesn't seem to work!

it is possible to test your website? it is hard to say what's going on without website url... so if it is possible - please share the url

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