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Customizing product attributes in PS 1.5

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Hey guys,


I'm attemting to modify product page and I can't figure these things out so I need your help. Here's what I want to do:


1. Currently my site uses radio buttons in product attributes and I would like for the selected option to appear in bold so it can stand out among all other options. I think it shouldn't be hard to do, however I don't have a clue how this code should look like.


2. Is it possible to show the price impact (negative and positive) after the selected customized option? For example:


A. Option_A (subtract $10)

B. Option_B (current_price)

C. Option_C (add $15)


I know how to make it static - just add a value in attribute combinations, but I want it to be dynamic so the customer knows how the price will change even before choosing a correct option. I tried to put the code (in product.tpl) from our_price_display into product attributes and make a simple mathematical equation but somehow it doesn't work (price remains static) :(


3. This one is probably the trickiest: I would like to put a little icon (like a question mark) after a specific attribute so when a person click on it it would pop up with some info about it (maybe a comparison). Is it even possible ?


4. Last things are thumbnails. When I choose a specific option all my product thumbs dissapear exept of one, plus a "display all pictures" message appears. I don't want my thumbs to hide - can somebody give me a hint with that ?


I would appreciate any help and probably other merchants would fins these modifications useful.

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well, since no one helped me I had to figure it out myself. Maybe somebody will benefit from it:


1/ to do this you have to modify your css and add a "selected" value to your attribute with font-weight:bold


2/ still no idea where is the price impact variable in product.js. No idea how is it calculated


3/ to hard :)


4/ edit manually thumbnails in your product combinations or delete contents of function refreshProductImages(id_product_attribute) in product.js

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