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[SOLVED]Create tracking order page for all customers


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I created a tracking-order.tpl page to allow customers to check the statut an order.

The customer comes to the page tracking-order.php and entering his order number and his email address and must to click on submit button to search the history of this order.


After clicking this button, the result is displayed.

But i don't how to code the page tracking-order.php.

Someone can help me please ?


This is my tracking-order.tpl


{capture name=path}
{l s='Tracking Order'}
{include file=$tpl_dir./breadcrumb.tpl}
{include file=$tpl_dir./errors.tpl}

{l s='Tracking My Order'}

<form action="{$base_dir_ssl}tracking-order.php" method="post" id="tracking" class="std4">
		{l s='Tracking This Order'}
	<p class="text">
		<label for="id_order">
			{l s='ID Order :'}
			<input type="text" id="id_order" name="id_order" value="{if isset($smarty.post.id_order)}{$smarty.post.id_order|escape:'htmlall'|stripslashes}{/if}" class="account_input input_id_order" />
	<p class="text">
		<label for="email">
			{l s='E-mail address :'}
			<input type="text" style="text-transform: lowercase;" id="email" name="email" value="{if isset($smarty.post.email)}{$smarty.post.email|escape:'htmlall'|stripslashes}{/if}" class="account_input input_email_login" />
	<p class="submit">
		{if isset($back)}
			<input type="hidden" class="hidden" name="back" value="{$back|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" />
		<input type="submit" name="submitTrackingOrder" class="button" value="{l s='Search this order'}" />

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