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Cause of weak performance

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I measured response time of website. The original response time is about 20-25 s.

After that, I uninstalled category block, response time reduce to 4-5 s. Surprisingly,  :o

I opened category block's code, I found that there are too many call for template (to recursive to make tree). That's bad technique.


I think weak performance caused by programming technique not by smarty technology.

Any one find more cause, pls public for our community. It's very good if these causes are removed.

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There are some ways to speed up website:

1. Don't use smart technique. Following function is to get HTML code for category tree without smarty. Website's speed is doubled


    function getHTMLCategTree($catSelected=0, $maxDepth = 3, $currentDepth = 0, $idLang = NULL)


        global $link;


        //get idLang

        $idLang = is_null($idLang) ? _USER_ID_LANG_ : intval($idLang);


        //recursivity for subcategories

        $childrenNodes = "";

        $subcats = $this->getSubCategories($idLang, true);

        if (sizeof($subcats) AND ($maxDepth == 0 OR $currentDepth < $maxDepth)) {

            foreach ($subcats as $subcat)


                if (!$subcat['id_category'])

                    break ;

                $categ = new Category($subcat['id_category'] ,$idLang);

                $HTMLcatItem = "<li>";

                if ($catSelected == $categ->id)

                    $HTMLcatItem = $HTMLcatItem . '<a href="'.$link->getCategoryLink($categ->id, $categ->link_rewrite).'" class="selected" title="'.$categ->description.'">'.$categ->name.'</a>';


                    $HTMLcatItem = $HTMLcatItem . '<a href="'.$link->getCategoryLink($categ->id, $categ->link_rewrite).'" title="'.$categ->description.'">'.$categ->name.'</a>';

                $HTMLcatItem = $HTMLcatItem .$categ->getHTMLCategTree($catSelected, $maxDepth, $currentDepth + 1, $idLang);

                $HTMLcatItem = $HTMLcatItem . "</li>";

                $childrenNodes = $childrenNodes . $HTMLcatItem;


            $childrenNodes = "<ul>" . $childrenNodes . "</ul>";


        return $childrenNodes;



2. If you want to use smarty, let set cache for smarty object. This improves speed surprisingly.


Best regard,



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