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Order steps stuck on 'shipping carrier' page, will not proceed to payment page


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1.5.3 - Default theme modified via css.


I've managed to locate the error to the "Terms and conditions" check.

If i disable this through the admin -> preferences -> orders then the checkout process will go to step 4 (payment) but if i tick it again then the checkout is stuck at carrier step.

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I seem to be having the same problem. Except it didnt work when I removed the Terms and conditions from the checkout proces.

It worked before though.




Last things i did:
- Tried to optimalise the website so I activated the CCC stuff. It gave me an error (not writeble). This was because my theme folder seemed to be missing a cache folder. I added this folder.

- Also changed read/write rights on this cache folder to 777

- Did the same with the root cache folder. But changed this back to 755.


I tried to reverse al my actions to see where it went wrong. Nothing work. Except that i couldnt remove the cache map i just added.

Anyone have an idea on what to do?





Ive changed something back that i altered a few days ago. On the shipment page I had removed the shipping choice in the order-carrier.tpl file. This because i only have one shipping choice.


This worked ok for a few days. Until today. As soon as I returned the piece of code the checkout process whent back to normal.

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