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is there any way to show languages as on subdomains with a single website.

For example,


mysite.com/en to en.mysite.com

mysite.com/fr to fr.mysite.com


I saw a module, but it is redirect languages to subdomains with seperate prestashop installation.

My question redirect them to a single installation.



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I don't know if that can be done, but! You can try a little trick. If you're using 1.5, you can setup a virtual store for each of the languages. Of course, they will share the same catalog, themes, options, etc. Then, you only allow one language per shop, corresponding to the selected subdomain.


Then, you setup a custom "language" module, where you point to your subdomains with little flags, intead of just changing the current language.


There maybe is a better way to do it, but i think this way can also be a solution


Hope i helped



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