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Show MSRP/Discount on product & category pages


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How can we show MSRP and discount on product pages and category pages?

Prestashop 1.5.1 has option to show on sale but it just shows





I want as below:


For product page:

MRP: Rs.1000 (This should be crossed out)

Discount: Rs.100 (20% off!)


Price: Rs.900

Then on Sale image as default.




For Category pages:

Rs1000 (crossed out) Rs.900

(10% off)


Using prestashop 1.5.1 with default theme.



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Half solved!

Seems setting "Specific Prices' in prices tab of product creation page does this automatically. Great.


Now how can we show in featured product and category pages too?


Can you tell me how you solve half



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I would also like to see an easy way to show the MSRP price, with a strikeout and then our product price. Right now, setting specific prices also puts the product in the prices drop category, which it should NOT be. I am going to have to set a specific price for each product in my shop, so ALL of my products would then be in the prices drop category and show up in my specials module. That is not an intuitive way to handle this. A better way to handle it would be to only include the products that do display the on sale image to be included in the specials/prices drop category.

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