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All blank pages after autoupgrade to 1.5

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I upgraded from to 1.5.1 via autoupgrade and something went horribly wrong as my pages looked distorted. I shrugged and began rolling back to, only now all my pages are blank!


I have emptied .htaccess, reset PHP and Apache, tried to log errors in config.inc.php, but everything is still blank.


Not sure where to go next! Any help is appreciated.





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my best recommendation is to try and follow solved issue here on the forums that's why I sent you to that one because its similar. I never had this issue and do not use 1.5.


If you're uncertain give prestashop a call tomorrow during business hrs. at number below or try to fix it


Either way you should be ok seeing you have a recent back-up it's now just to get your site back in order.


I do wish you luck. Post back here if you have any questions or more issues. Many people here in the forums are here to help.



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