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Calculating Cart Shipping fees by Supplier


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Hi, i need that shipping fees of the customer cart to be calculated, not has if all the products are to be send in one big package (shipping fees based on total weight) but divided by the nr of the Suppliers and weight per Supplier.


As you can see, in this business model, suppliers send the products directly to customers, by my order.


As an example:


One Customer Cart have 3 products, 5 kg each product, 1 product from one supplier and two products from other supplier.


Normal shipping calculations will give me the fee for a 15kg package.


In my bussiness model, shipping fees, will have to consider the nr of suppliers and the weight of the products by supplier, which means, in this case, it will be two packages, one with 5 kg and other with 10 kg, to be send.


Can anyone help me to implement this calculation system in my store?

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If you want make it yourself, there is a tutoriel to develop shipping modules



You need to import shipping price for each of your supplier, retrieve cart product and then do some magic to calculate :)


Good dev.

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Hi math_php,

Thanks for your info that i guess it should be usefull, and, after reading your reply, it seems to be a not so dificult problem to solve.


Well, i defy you or any developer from this forum who thinks that he can solve my problem to private message me.


I can pay for this dev work if offcourse satisfy my previous requirements.


Sorry my english.


Best regards

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As you will see with attached image you can have easily total weight for each supplier.


Do not mind second total weight weird decimals it is due to float type.

Weight is in Kg

id_supplier1 is 'Apple'

id_supplier2 is 'Shure'


You can see cart contents on the right side




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