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Quick Links in Prestashop back office

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[indent=1]         <li id="seventh_block">[/indent]
[indent=1]<a href="index.php?controller=admincategories&addcategory&token=e76a65b428c1b53d5762bec2a688d4ae">[/indent]
[indent=1]<h4>Nueva Categoría</h4>[/indent]
[indent=1]<p>Añade una categoría.</p>[/indent]
[indent=1]</li> [/indent]


That's what I wrote for a New Categories button. I wanted to remove all the other ones, but the add product and module. I found the document AdminHomeController and I erased all the code talking about the others. I wasn't able to add a new one from there because I can't find the document which adds the token, so I had always a wrong token. Anyone knows how edit it?



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