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B2B - outstanding balance

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Hello everyone,


In version 1.5 there is a field "outstanding balance" in the admincustomers controller. I think that is a great B2B feature (many times it is a requirement on a b2b platform). However, the only problem here: It doesn't seem to be activated!! Or am I missing something here? Anybody got the feature working?


In my opinion it should work like this:

  1. The customer places an order
  2. Prestashop sums up the customer's orders that have never been in "payment accepted" status.
  3. If the sum including the recent order is larger than the allowed outstanding balance the system puts the order in a particular status like "waiting for large balance approval".
  4. An employee is notified.
  5. The customer is notified that his order is on hold.

Has anybody seen anything similar to this process working in version 1.5? The field is there, but I think the functionality is not. Or it is well hidden.


Any ideas?


Best Regards



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Hi Henrik


Did you ever find something about this? I'm translating the messages of my shop to Spanish and found that such feature exists in PrestaShop, but I don't seem to find where to set it up. Maybe it is still in development.


Best regards


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