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PS 1.5 query builder

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Has anyone noticed the query builder that is used in some of the PS 1.5 modules?

The class DbQueryCore allows to "build" queries in a different way.


Even though, in the 1.5 documentation section "DB class best practices" there is nothing about the query builder.



I imagine it is recommended for new developments..

Is there anyone there using it?

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now it is available in this link http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Diving+into+PrestaShop+Core+development#DivingintoPrestaShopCoredevelopment-TheDBQueryclass


it is good but not complete it's select function could be better and could accept array too if we change it to this form



* Add fields in query selection


* @param mixed $fields List of fields to concat to other fields

* @return DbQuery


public function select($mFields) {

if( is_array($mFields) && count($mFields) > 0)

array_merge( $this->aQuery['select'],$mFields);

else if ( !empty($mFields) )

$this->aQuery['select'][] = $mFields ;

return $this ;



and many module want to have their specific DB prefix so DB_PRIFIX should be optinal

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