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How to Add Image To PDF Invoice Prestashop 1.5

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Here is the modified code of my /classes/PDF.php : line #776 (Prestashop 1.4)


if ($productQuantity)
				$before = $this->GetY();
				$this->MultiCell($w[++$i], 5, Tools::iconv('utf-8', self::encoding(), $product['product_name']), 'B');
				$lineSize = $this->GetY() - $before;
				$this->SetXY($this->GetX() + $w[0] + ($delivery ? 15 : 0), $this->GetY() - $lineSize);
				$this->Cell($w[++$i], $lineSize, ($product['product_reference'] ? $product['product_reference'] : ''), 'B');

				 if (!$delivery)
					$this->Cell($w[++$i], $lineSize, (self::$orderSlip ? '-' : '').self::convertSign(Tools::displayPrice($unit_price, self::$currency, true, false)), 'B', 0, 'R');
				$this->Cell($w[++$i], $lineSize, $productQuantity, 'B', 0, 'C');
				if (!$delivery)
					$this->Cell($w[++$i], $lineSize, (self::$orderSlip ? '-' : '').self::convertSign(Tools::displayPrice($final_price, self::$currency, true, false)), 'B', 0, 'R');

				//Modif : Ajout photo sur pdf
				$cover = Product::getCover((int)($product['product_id']));
				if(is_array($cover)) $product = array_merge($cover, $product);
				$limage = _PS_IMG_DIR_.'p/'.(int)($product['product_id']).'-'.(int)($product['id_image']).'-medium.jpg';
				if (file_exists($limage)){
				} else{



Can you tell me how to add this coce to Prestashop 1.5.

What is the file for add this code?


My header and footer of my invoice pdf not correct, I changed my font to my langguage, but not to show my language (thai) correct (show ????). How to solve this font or problem?

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