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Hi all

First of all congrats about that nice community. That´s my first post around here and I need to confess I´ve got so impressed by presta and start to translate it here using the tool provided at http://www.prestashop.com/translations/index.php . In the Portuguese-Brasilian pack. I love that tool :-)

I know that I must wait for admin´s approval in order to get the updates done so can you tell me who is the brazilian portuguese team manager?

I could not identify the admin here : http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewforum/25/portugues

Another question: after the approval the whole language pack is automatically sent to the dowloads center?

Thank you all

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Dear all,

Me and my friend, we are working on total translation into Chinese, I am working on Chinese Taiwan version ( complicate Chinese ), my friend Kenny are working on China Chinese version ( GB ).

So Far, I did all front office, PDF Translation, it is fully complete already. Kenny just started working on Front office in China Chinese version now. Which I am working on back office Taiwan Chinese version at this moment. Due to both of us run our multiple website, we currently use 2 e-commerce software operating our products. So, we might not be able to complete it quickly ( too much work on hand ) but, we both agree the translation is very necessary for user, especially we are very new to this software. We found this software are very good, because it is open source, we can change it or modify it anyway we want to.

If any of you are also working on translation, please give us a hand, send your complete portion to us, let’s all make it happen to have both Chinese available for who ever need this software.

We download this software in 6/09/2006, we hope we shall complete all translation in next 10 days. If not, st least we shall complete Front / Back office / PDF / and as much as we can. After we done, we shall submit to share with all of you.

Kenny and I are not software expert at all, we build website and e-commerce due to we are very small company, have no money, but we aim big, wish we can bring the best quality product to the world, by return, we wish the money can feed ourself ( and 4 other designers and Technicians )

Thank you very much Prestashop, you gave a chance to poor people like us have a chance to meet the world. And opportunity to start business. We strongly believe after we done, this e-commerce website will be much better than the 2 software we currently use.

Mike and Kenny

http://www.redefinedboots.com and http://www.clayike.com
06/11/2009 at Southern California and China

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