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How to: Update Cart product quantity (with input amount & update button)?


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Hi, Im about ready to launch my new site and I have been searching for a solution to modify product update from the cart, but no luck...


Currently I have an input field next to each product on my shopping cart. That input field takes the quantity value selected by the customer from the product page.


What I would like to do is use the same input field on the cart page to let the customer change the quantity they want for a product and then click an "update" button or link to update the cart and product quantity accordingly.


Surprisingly, a solution for this is more elusive than I thought. There really isnt anything out there for this kind of mod.




Shopping Cart Page (Screenshot attached)


Product Line --->[Product Name] - [unit Price] - [Quantity (Input text field)] [update Button Here]






The update button will recognize the quantity input value and update the cart accordingly.



Can someone please help me with this? I appreciate any help with this.

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