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Integration between prestashop and tradera.com (owned by Ebay)

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We in Sweden have a website like Ebay called Tradera and it is owned by Ebay. The website is www.tradera.com

I realy waiting for the day that Prestashop integrates with Tradera and makes it easy to post auctions on tradera from the backoffice of prestashop.


"Tradera is Sweden’s largest e-commerce marketplace with more than 1.3 million members. Our members collectively conclude hundreds of thousands of transactions per month." tradera.com


Tradera made there API available for developers and there is two e-comemrce companies have already integrated there platform with Tradera.

Tradera has already an application for windows that makes the seller upploads alot of auktions faster. Moreover, Tradera has another program which is offered only for companies to make there work easier when thy uppload and manage there products and sells.


The website is www.tradera.com

the link to their API is http://api.tradera.com

I hope it to be true.


I do not know if it is the right place to post this topic or not. The administrators have the all rights to move the post to another place if they think it is more suitable


A snabbshot from tradera API


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