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Problem in blockinfos, czech language

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Hello everybody, I have a problem with infos module. I have eshop ( www.musicservis.cz ) and I use 1.1 prestashop with czech language, but infos module was still in english, so I edited the file in modules/blockinfos/blockinfos.tpl, rewrite words to chzech language, but without effect. I'm I doing something wrong?
Thank for reply and please excuse me my english.

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Hi DJ Hanz,

I was having the same problem traslating to spanish (Mexico) and your comment gave an idea: I went to folder modules/blockcategories and edited the file blockcategories.tpl rewriting {l s='Categories' mod='blockcategories'} to {l s='CATEGORIAS' mod='blockcategories'} and it take the changes and is working fine. I did the same for Manufacturers and so on.

I hope this also works for you!

Visit Mexico!!

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