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ajax-cart add function strange behaviour


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I'm developing a simple module to be able to add multiple products from a table to the cart via ajax.


Right now, I have a jquery .each() iterator that process all the rows from a table. Each row contains one product.


Inside the .each() function I have this call:


// use the PS ajaxCart function, from ajax-cart.js
 idProduct, idCombination, addedFromProductPage, callerElement, quantity, wishlist


The problem is that the ajax-cart works randomly, and many times it adds the product to the cart but displays the following error as an alert:

TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to add the product.



Error thrown: [object Object]

Text status: error


The "random errors" appear more frequently when the table contains many products (>5).


Has someone faced a similar problem with the ajax-cart.add() function?

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