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Debugging PrestaShop modules with Eclipse PDT and XDebug


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I'm developing some modules with Eclipse PDT and I would like to know if anyone has an environment that allows to debug custom modules from Eclipse.


What I have done so far:

  1. Installed XAMPP in windows with XDebug.
  2. Installed Eclipse PDT and configured a PHP server and PHP Debuger.
  3. Configured XDebug in Eclipse to accept remote sessions (Windows>Preferences>PHP>Debug>Installed Debuggers>XDebug: Accept remote sessions = prompt)
  4. Created a PHP project containing the PrestaShop SVN project. This version has to be replicated exactly in the Server, I use FileSync extension for the sync part.
  5. Created a PHP project containing my module. This module is also Synced to the /modules folder in the server using FileSync extension.

What I have been able to do is to Debug the core of PrestaShop when I open a browser and acces the server (http://localhost/). When I do that, Eclipse prompts if I want to start a debug session and then I can go line by line debugging the code, starting at index.php.


The problem is that I'm not able to debug code from my custom modules. That means that when I open the browser and I go to a page which is rendered by my module, Eclipse does not stop in my breakpoints.


Does anyone know how to solve the problem? How are you debugging your custom modules?



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If you are trying to debug class override, these overrides get copied to the folder /overrides/class/yourclass. The file that you provide in the module itself is actualy never used, so you have to set breakpoints on the copied ones.


Hope that helps.

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