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We have a number or websites running various versions of PS 1.4.6 - 1.4.8 all of which are using the PayPal module version 2.8.6 (using Payments Pro) but we have recently noticed that our return url override is no longer working.


In fact, we used to have our PayPal profile website preferences set to show the hosted PayPal payment confirmation page on an order and then we would set the return url override in our website code to redirect the user to our order-confirmation.php page.


Now when a customer orders and gets to the payment confirmation page on the PayPal hosted site they are not redirected back to us (as coded in return url) but instead they stay on the PayPal hosted confirmation page with the option to click the link to return to our order-confirmation.php page.


If we change our PayPal profile website preference settings to Auto return to a specific url it appears to work, but then instead of going to the return url set in the website code the customer is directed through to a "slow validation" page, again the return url override on our website is ignored as if the order is still pending validation and the user if logged in is prompted to refresh the page which then shows the new order. But if the user is a guest they get thrown to a guest tracking page with no useful information or confirmation that their order or payment has been accepted.


We need to be able to set the return url in our code as we have more than one website using the same PayPal business account.


Does anyone know of an issue or setting that needs to be corrected/changed to sort this issue.

Customers are not sure they are completing a purchase and we cannot track affiliate customers as we set our tracking code on the order-confirmation.php page which is now being bypassed for either guest-tracking?slowvalidation or order-history?slowvalidation (for users with accounts).


I hope someone can shed some light on this issue.


Thanks in advance!

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I have exactly the same issue - paypal hosted confirmation page displays on successful order,  then a on thet page there is a clickable link to Prestashop Order confirmation page. So it never returns to the Prestashop hosted order-confirmation unless physically clicked by customer, which a large proportion of the time it isn't!


We have three shops using paypal pro account and all have the same issue, all orders are not tracked, only if buyer clicks the return link.


Is there a solution?


Using PayPal module 3.10.10 and Prestashop

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