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Add custom hook to module without editing the module php file?


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Is there a way to add a new custom hook to a module without having to edit the module php file.


If I edit the module php file, each time i upgrade the module my modifications will be deleted overwritten.


I have added new hooks to the database and extended the FrontController, but I want to use these hooks with a number of modules but dont want to have to change each of the modules core php file. is there a way of overriding them or does anyone have any other suggestions?



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You can add the hook to the database either manually or using your module.


Avoid using overrides at all costs.


INSERT INTO `ps_hook` (`name`, `title`, `description`)
		   VALUES ('nameOfHook', 'Name Of Hook', 'It is a custom hook !');


Then registerHook


Then as require dmodules hook priority.



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