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County / State dropdown field not required


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When a user registers on the website and they select say United Kingdom or USA in the country filed, a dynamic dropdown option appears asking them to select a county or state. This dropdwon field is a required field and you cannot complete registration without selecting an option.


How do I make this a non required field? Which files do I need to amend?





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what version of prestashop are you using, and are you using a custom theme?


typically providing a state is a setting in the Country, and the theme adheres to what the setting is. However it could be that your theme is coded to ignore the setting, or you have an older version of prestashop.

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I'm interesting in a solution to make a new required field in customer registration.


I'm on prestashop 1.5.3. I have made a new field "codece" and put this in customer.php :


'codece' => array('type' => self::TYPE_STRING, 'validate' => 'isGenericName', 'required' => true ),


The field in now required but the validation show that :


Notice: Undefined property: Customer::$codece

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