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One page checkout registration errors

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Hi all,


Recently I have switched to the One Page Checkout shopping cart. I got a call this week from a customer who can not register in the OPC. I have tried it and also get 6 error messages for required field that are I have filled in.


I really need to get this working because I have noticed a lot of shopping carts that doesn't lead to new customers and orders.


Anybody a solution for this problem?

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After a code review I found the error. So it's not prestashops fault, it's ours.

In order-opc-new-account.tpl div with "#opc_account_form" id has it's tag end "</div>" early in the code before 2-3 fields. So i put it before the "</fieldset>" and now works pefcetly.


My bad, sorry, and thanks for your support.

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