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[Solved] Proposal to Create a New Group in the Forum for Solved Questions



I'd like to propose to the administrators of the PS.com platform to create a group of discussion for Solved solutions only, so people don't have to look among hundreds of posts, to see if their problem is already solved. No one could make a post in there, only read, and moderators could move easily from general discussion groups to the solved group the posts once the 'Solved' word is placed in the title.


There could also be a specific group for asking help, not general discussions. But maybe that's complicating things too much.


This could be done for each language, and would optimize the Groups and the time moderators.


Hope you like the proposal.


Thanks for your time reading.


Best regards.

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A very good solution offered by nadie is to create a subforum called "Solved" and link it to a filter for the word "Solved" for the group in English, "Solucionado" for the group in Spanish, and so on.


This way in the subforums users will find:

In the Spanish Group would be:

This would really ease their job to moderators and users.


Thanks for your time reading. Please share your ideas.

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Hi everybody,


I agree with nadia and phrasespot, this is what the search and the [solved] label are made for.

This is the reason why it is very important to think to mark a topic as [solved] when this is the case. Even if, I confess, it is actually not very convenient to do so. Benjamin Utterback and I will try another to encourage the dev team to add this essential feature.

I now mark this topic as... [solved]. ;)

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