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Your question is how to display or not for employees, depending on their profile a content in the back office?


By using

$cookie = new Cookie('psAdmin');
$profile = $cookie->profile;


You will have to create profiles.


Good dev

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Actually, I know how to get whether they are admins or not, I just need to understand where to put the access limitation code in my module and be able to show them that it is available only for admins. I would like to modify the employee module to not allow anyone to access the employee records without being an admin, too.

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I am trying to write a BO module to export orders in a specific HTML format.


The problem I am having is displaying HTML on the tab I have created. I can call the superclass displayForm() and that renders but when I try to show a simple div following, nothing shows...here is the code:





include_once( PS_ADMIN_DIR.'/../classes/AdminTab.php');


class AdminOrderExport extends AdminTab{


public function __construct(){

$this->table = 'order';

//$this->className = 'OrderExport';





public function displayForm(){



echo '<div>Test</div>';





It follows with other BO modules I have looked at so any advice would be appreciated.



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