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[BUG] Aliases creating weird issue

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Hey there,

i'm experiencing a really weird issue with aliases in presta To be short, without aliases search works perfectly. When an alias for a keyword is added, let's say "tm430" for "tm-430", to look for the Brother Tm-430 product, search will return no result.

Search will not return any result if i also write "tm-430", which is the correct term.

Again, when no alias is set, "tm-430" returns the correct result. To get the product, i have to remove the last character from the query, like "tm-43", or "tm43" for the alias.


Any idea on why this is happening? Never noticed such a thing before. The search engine is untouched, of course

This appears to be happening when adding aliases for the last part of a product name only. First part works like a charm


edit: interesting, this iseems to only happen when i use words with a dash, like the example one.




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