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[SOLVED] Matrice Theme - Removing image at top of category pages

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Hello there,


I am having some trouble removing images at the top of the category pages. The site I am working from is an adult store so I won't post links to it but the images I am referring to are like the one here: http://kamel.kelkoul.free.fr/matrice/category.php?id_category=3


I want to keep the images for this part: http://kamel.kelkoul.free.fr/matrice/category.php?id_category=1


But just not at the top of the page when you click through to one of the categories.


I thought I had solved it as I looked in category.css and removed this line:



I updated the FTP with the new css file but it has done nothing. My cache is off so im not sure why it isn't updating?


Any help would be great,



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Hi emabevington,

Which specific images are you trying to remove? And as long as you provide advance warning that the site contains adult content, you're welcome to post the link here.



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Hi Mike,


The images I need to remove are the ones that appear above the category name:


Warning: Site contains adult content



So on this example, the hat at the top needs to be removed but when you click the parent category in this case lingerie I need the boxes to still have the images.


I hope this makes sense.




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