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Creating new / changing current CMS block positions - better footer


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I've been playing around with themes in Prestashop and noticed that the CMS block (used to create links to cms pages) has poor extensibility natively. I want to create a footer similar to this:




As far as I can see... natively there is no way to have more than one CMS block in the footer position. However, there are the options to have multiple CMS blocks in the left column and right column positions.


How can I create a new option... let's say 'footer'... that acts like the left and right column (allows multiple CMS blocks) but places them in the footer?


I'm pretty sure I have to edit 'blockcms.php' in the modules folder but I'm not certain on what to add to the code or change to achieve the desired result.


Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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Thanks for the speedy reply tdr170!


The 'Prestalove Easy Footer' is a great module (and even better it's FREE!!) but it doesn't quite do what I want (or at least as far as I understand, it doesn't!). The easy footer module provides a nice user interface in the back office to add custom html that can create the style of footer I'm after.


However, I'm looking to make use of the features of the CMS block module in the back office (the ability to see all the CMS pages and be able to create links to them 'dynamically' as opposed to having to hard code each one as required when using the easy footer module). I think, if I'm not mistaken, I could achieve my footer simply by hard coding all the links into footer.tpl (and not even use the easy footer module) but I want to avoid this.


Hopefully what I've said makes sense, but I really appreciate the link - thank you!


Any other suggestions are very welcome. Thanks again!

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For anyone interested, I think I have solved this problem now. I changed blockcms.php and can now add CMS blocks to the footer section. I found that it was not possible (within my coding abilities) to have CMS blocks in the footer section AND keep the 'Footer's various links Configuration' so I got rid of it all together.


Is there any chance someone could double-check my code and make sure it is still secure and fully-functional please? So far I have found no problems but I'm not the greatest coder so any help would be great!


Thanks again.


P.S. I have tried to add comments to anything I have changed/added (hopefully that's helpful?)

  • '// Wollie' appears at the end of every line I have changed/added
  • '/*W*/' indicates the start point and end point of code changes in the middle of lines
  • '// Wollie ... // END Wollie' indicates a block of code changed/added


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