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Customer credit / debit payment Solution

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hi to every one,


i m feeling glad to join all of you here and its very nice to see here that all keep helping eatch other. its really great.



i want to do one thing in my site or my query is:


when any customer is registering / joining in our site. we want to deposit or debit payments in that customer user name / ID.


suppose some one is registering and giving us any order then, he need to pay us every time, but i want that he pay us once and we deposit / debit payments in his account / ID, and after that every time when he will order us, his order amount / payment will automatically reduce from his account / ID deposited / debited amount.


as example:


User : xyz


he pay us 100 cash and any time when he will make any order or buy any thing from us then payment will automatic detected from his account / ID.


as: amount in account is 100 and he buy / order us for 10 usd

then it will be ( 100 - 10 = 90 ) and when again he will make order this series will be continue.




i try to clarify my qustion as easy way, and should be some language problem so, sorry for that.


i m waiting for the solution or reply from you great persons.


thanking you,

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