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Site structure - moving catalog content


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I am relatively new to prestashop and have been considering using it for a project of mine. Ultimately, I want to achieve the site structure as detialed in the images at the bottom of this post (please note the urls). I am developing on a local wamp server though for the purposes of this post I have assumed that the root is an actual domain (http://www.mydomain.com/). I am using the 'permanent links' module for the main site navigation.


Currently, I have prestashop installed in the root (http://www.mydomain.com/).

I have edited the home page using the 'Home text editor' module to insert the content I require.

I have excluded the modules that I don't wish to appear on the home page in the back office (back office > modules > positions > edit > exceptions).


I have created an about-us.php file in the root (root/about-us.php):



And associated AboutUsController.php in the controllers folder (root/controllers/AboutUsController.php):

class AboutUsControllerCore extends FrontController
public $php_self = 'about-us.php';

public function displayContent()


I have created an about-us.tpl file in my theme where I added the html code to display the required content.

I modified the 'permanent links' module to include a link to about-us.php.

I have added about-us.php to the list of urls in the back office (back office > preferences > seo & urls > add new).

I have excluded the modules that I don't wish to appear on the about page.


I tested it and everything worked fine: http://www.mydomain.com/en/about-us displays the content I want.


I then repeat the process for shop.php (root/shop.php):



And ShopController.php (root/controllers/ShopController.php):

class ShopControllerCore extends FrontController
public $php_self = 'shop.php';

public function displayContent()


And shop.tpl in my theme:



I tested it and everything worked fine: http://www.mydomain.com/en/shop displayed the conetent I wanted.


The issue is when I click a link to a product category:


The url is: http://www.mydomain....roduct-category

The url I want is: http://www.mydomain....oduct-category.


Is there an easy solution to what I want to achieve?


Appolgies for the long post, I hope it is clear and thank you for any help.





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