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How can i fix the image compress quality?

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I have a headache to find a solution to the quality of images that provides prestashop.


I would like to know the solution to avoid compression when creating the image and scale only. By compressing the images for prestashop, the images are left with a dirty background.


I have prestashop 4.8.2.

PHP 5.2.11

Also tested with XAMPP with PHP 5.3.8


The quality of the pictures in prestashop, are 100 jpg, and png to 0.


I have also tried to change in images.inc.php as explained in:




I attach one example.


the 3237-1181.jpg file is the original and the 3237-1181-large.jpg is prestashop compressed


I don't like the compression. :wacko:

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I face the same problem - the white background of the photo turns "dirty" after compression by the website. It is not a simple issue of losing quality due compression - the object itself looks good enough after compression, but the problem is in the background - the original photo on the left has a pure white background, but after compression the white background has got a tint of grey introduced (or grey dots mingled with the white dots) and looks dirty. It is a problem of how PHP handles image rescaling and compression - I wonder if there are any PHP experts who can help resolve this issue?

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No I think the sizes are registered in the image upload size in the area above this.

And it does state quality not size.

I have seen this before and have had issues on clients sites have never seen a good solution.

Do a google search for losing image quality on upload prestashop and you will find many links to other discusions one may help.

here is one I found. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/167603-product-images-losing-quality/

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Good that you brought up that thread! At the bottom of the thread is the exact same problem that I am facing (posted by duncanmoo 10 May 2012 - 03:48 PM). There you see a side-by-side comparison of 2 compressed photos with a white background - the one on the right has dirty patches added. It is a problem with PHP image compression. What I am looking for here is someone who can resolve this problem with PHP. If there is no solution I will switch to another platform same as PristineReefs in that thread.

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