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negative voucher calculation problem

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I created a negative voucher according to a different topic here.

Now my problem is this, the voucher is basically a charge for credit card usage (the charging fee of the payment gateway system) and I want it to calculate the value after all the regular discounts have been implimented.

this is what i aim for:

initial price = $3000

discount vouchers value = $1000

Charging fee = $2000 * 3.5%

final price = $2070


This is what I have at the moment (default usage of vouchers):

initial price = $3000

discount value = $1000 + (-3.5%) => $895

charging fee = (already calculated in the discount value)

final price = $2105


I know that in total the outcome is good for the seller, the problem is that customers are not stupid and will figure out sooner or later that this is a fishy way to make additional profit.


Anyone knows how to change the way that the voucher are calculated in such a way that the negative vouchers (the added cost, since it's a double negative) that is always a percentage will be calculated only AFTER the total price has been summarized with the normal discount vouchers.



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