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"Page not found" with PrestaShop on WAMP

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I am getting a "page not found" on all links running PrestaShop on WAMP.


I have been building a PrestaShop installation on a shared hosting server. Now I am trying to replicate the configuration on a WAMP server on my desktop to make development easier.


I have been able to transfer the PrestaShop installation from one shared hosting account to another, reloading the database, adjusting settings.inc.php and changing the URL in the configuration table. So I thought transferring to the desktop using WAMP would be as easy, but so far it's not working for me.


I've installed the latest version of WampServer2.2 (PrestaShop would not connect to the MySQL database with the older 2.0 I had installed previously). I've changed the URL in the configuration table from the domain to "localhost". All files are in the same relative directories ('ps' on both the shared host and in WAMP).


However, all of the images just show a big question mark and clicking on any links results in "page not found." URLs appear as I would expect (e.g., http://localhost/ps/my-account) but result in "page not found."


What else do I need to do to get PrestaShop working on WAMP?



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