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PS How to include video clips on product category

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dear ALL

i need advise on how i could add in a video clips to present my products in the product category.

what is available now is just image & text.

no doubt, i feel that video clips or moving slideshows are more attractive to market our products.

appreciate some advise.

im sure this would help many others.



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dear Mr Mike

thx for your advise. i hv check out both of the modules.

but both also is using youtube, is there anything that i could upload from my PC?

anyhow, both modules are also very expensive & yet not too impressive.

the reason they are not impressive is due to their video presentation:

1) one of the module has the video thumbnail too small, not loud & clear on the webpage itself.

2) the second module has only the word "product video" & expect people to click in to view, i had preferred big & loud video thumbnail.

anyhow, if i had use youtube to upload, i could actually copy the embeded html & paste to the product catergory. could you advise where (as in which files in our system) can i paste the embeded html, so that i present a loud & clear video thumbnail for each of my product category?


thx again


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