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I changed the icons, but I could not change the size.

In modules/blocklanguages​​/blocklanguages.tpl changed the width = "30" height = "30" and still is width = "16" height = "11", where do I change the icon size?


<!-- Block languages module -->

<div id="languages_block_top">

<ul id="first-languages">

{foreach from=$languages key=k item=language name="languages"}

<li {if $language.iso_code == $lang_iso}class="selected_language"{/if}>

{if $language.iso_code != $lang_iso}

{assign var=indice_lang value=$language.id_lang}

{if isset($lang_rewrite_urls.$indice_lang)}

<a href="{$lang_rewrite_urls.$indice_lang}" title="{$language.name}">


<a href="{$link->getLanguageLink($language.id_lang)}" title="{$language.name}">




<img src="{$img_lang_dir}{$language.id_lang}.jpg" alt="{$language.iso_code}" width="30" height="30" />

{if $language.iso_code != $lang_iso}







<script type="text/javascript">

$('ul#first-languages li:not(.selected_language)').css('opacity', 0.3);

$('ul#first-languages li:not(.selected_language)').hover(function(){ldelim}

$(this).css('opacity', 1);

{rdelim}, function(){ldelim}

$(this).css('opacity', 0.3);



<!-- /Block languages module -->

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