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Invitation to join the discussion in the Issues’ discussion forum.

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I hope you will excuse me for writing in English but my German writing is even worse ;-)

I do however can read in German.

I know the German community is a large an active one and has many ideas but also some issue's with the way PS behaves.
One I believe is the TAX issue.

That is why I want to invite you to join the new Issues’ discussion forum here.

A place to discuss about PrestaShop sofware behaviors directly with the PrestaTeam. "Read-only" for none VIP members.

I already created a TAX issue topic: here.

Danke schön!

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hi guys,
where is everybody, who was complaining, lets get started to get something done.

As far I realised TropischBluin, the problem is that there has to be Price with tax, Shipping, and the tax itself in the shopping cart

also if you check out step 1 is one step to far you first need to enter the shopping card, thats an easy fix, just change the target from the
order button and point it to the cart.

Next we should be able to attach PDF files at the emails, like it is done with the pay on delivery module, so has to be the invoice
and the Terms of use be attached at each email better more than less, never know what funny ideas this chair farter get in brüssel
in the future.
Now lets get ready to rumble, lol

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