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Generating htacess file & 404error


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dear all advanced prestashop members,

this topic seemed a hot topic i.e. many views, unfortunately not much reply to this topic.

here's my problem which many people out there too have similar issues, appreciate someone to assist & be shared to others.


here's my issue:

FYI IM USING PRESTASHOP V1.4.8.2. The .htaccess never got written to yet for some reason, prestashop is trying to redirect my site to abc.com/en/ but the /en/ folder doesn't exist which means that the redirects are not pointing to the correct place. & thus giving my website 404 error.


appreciate assistance here.


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yes, hehe how have you guessed, indeed i hv got 2 languages for my website. & the htacess file is available in my public_html folder, i can see the file, but after i have regenerate it from prestashop, it has become 0kb.


this is not the end of my nightmare, i thought i should just give up this whole "friendly url" issue since im not that savvy in e-commerce programming, so i hv disable the "friendly url", thinking this should restore my website, but guess what?! my biggest nightmare now is the subsequent product images that i hv uploaded after disabling the "friendly url" dont appear. these images are indicated with some unidentified icon. GOSH! & i thought no one is going to reply me. pls help! im very tired, barely sleep the whole night....pls help :(

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If you enable more than one language, PrestaShop will automatically create yourshop.com/language/ urls.


About the htaccess file, can you check the permissions and the owner of the file? (right click and properties on most FTP client).


About the image, you should also try to regenerate them.

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dear mr favre

i hv tried the right click on the htaccess from File Manager, but i dont see the properties. but i could see only the change permission function, edit code & etc.

& i dont know how to regenerate the images.

can i just simply replace the old version of htaccess file to this "0kb" htaccess file as a simple way to restore my condition that i had never enabled the "friendly URL"?

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dear mr favre

let's start all over again, here's my chronology:

1) earlier, my website's images were working fine.


2) then i enabled the friendly URL & regenerate the htacess & robots file as instructed by the user guide. my webhost "justhost" said they are apache supported, so there's no issue with hosting server.


3) then my site has 404 error.


4) i searched thru the forum, many people has the same issue, hence as a beginner i rather not take the risk, as this version is so new that probably no one has attempted on it. so, i disable the friendly URL, but there's no option to do anything on resetting the htacess & robots file which i hv generated earlier in item 2 above. after the disabling, my website seemed restored.


5) then i continued loading images & working on product category, after loads of work done, here's the nightmare, the images i hv just just uploaded could not be reflected on the website & PS back office. but the images i hv uploaded before item 2 is ok!


my questions here are:

A) am i right to say enabling & disabling the friendly url have caused my images a problem? are these two a related issues?


B) im running out of time as my pregnancy is due in another 2 months' time & i still hv loads to do to kick start this online store. im in a dilemma, do i want to proceed with correcting the friendly URL issue (which probably gives me more issues), or just drop the friendly URL issue & proceed with my much ado work product category? if i opted to proceed with product category, what shall i do now to restore my images?


mr favre, pls advise & highly appreciate your guidance.

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dear mr favre again

your guidance on:

"1)To regenerate the images you must go to your backoffice in preferences>images. "

" 2)For the htaccess the permissions are set to write the file right? "

for your guidance no. 1, could you pls advise why do i hv to regenerate the images now, while earlier (before enabling & disabling the friendly url)i need not hv to?

for guidance no. 2, there's no information about this permission in the user guides, hence i do not know what it is or what to set for.

hence, im not taking any further action until i see your reply on my previous post which highlighted the entire chronology.

i wouldnt want to risk messing up further.


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1) I thought none of your images was visible anymore after enabling/disabling friendly url so > regenerate the images.

2) Well if you have no permission to write the file, PrestaShop cannot write anything in it and so it could lead to some issues.

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