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PHP Module: oscommerce 2 prestashop

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Sign of the times, I am currently working for a customer who's planning to migrate oscommerce to prestashop


I publish here os2ps, a  PHP application I designed for that purpose, after a few unsuccessful trials with the import function




it currently just does categories and products, many more fields to be worked on but it anybody wants to have a go at it let me know how it works for you


By the way this is raw code, not for the beginners :)


will delete all existing categories and products (except HOME category) and requires some amount of configuration- only works for one language



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I have a new version coming up and will do a little more on the howto side :)

I am in the midst of a migration from osC to PS and there is a LOT more that is needed than just what the import function allows.. and even that didn't work for me.
Unfortunately my programming language of choice for this is ASP.. so that is what I am using.. and not in a very sophisticated way.. I just get it to generate the SQL code which I cut and paste into SQLyog... but it is working for me. I have done all the product and attribute stuff and most of the customer stuff. Working on the orders now which is a lot more complicated.
Is anyone interested in seeing the code or is it just me who is interested in doing this?

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Some news here ?

My OsCommerce are into a different db than PrestaShop, but I don't understand very well this step:

unzip to www folder, configure mysql access in db_mysql.inc.php (same database for both osccommerce and prestashop, duplicate db_mysql for separate databases), and click on osc2ps.php

Duplicate the db_mysql.inc.php file (with any name?) or what must duplicate?

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