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Add custom price to product during 'add to cart' process


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Hi All,


I'm looking for methods that are better than the current solution I have. The issue I have is that I wish clients to order and customize a product, any customisations are an additional cost (in this instance $2), however on some instances of this process I see the additional fee product added and then it is automatically removed, thereby changing the price. (To demonstrate try http://www.itsapreemiething.com and look at the print on demand shirts and using the T-Shirt Wizard use any double sided setup)


Today, I do the following in AJAX-CART.JS, it works well enough by adding to products into the cart for the customer one of which is the custom fee product. You'll notice the product id = 80 and I do two instances of the ajaxCart.add function to get them into the cart.



var pid = 80;

var idcomb = "";

var qtywant = $('#quantity_wanted').val();

var si_customcost = " <strong>Additional Customization Ordered</strong>";

ajaxCart.add( pid, idcomb, true, null, qtywant, null, si_customcost);

var si_instructions = "<br /><strong>*** Double Sided *** </strong><br /><br /><strong>Custom Front: </strong>" + si_FBCC_F + "<br /> <strong>Front Text Color: </strong>" + si_ColourFBF + "<br /><br /> <strong>Custom Back: </strong>" + si_FBCC_B + "<br /> <strong>Back Text Color: </strong>" + si_ColourFBB;

//Additional Fee setup

//End Additional Fee setup

ajaxCart.add( $('#product_page_product_id').val(), $('#idCombination').val(), true, null, $('#quantity_wanted').val(), null, si_instructions);


So the question is???


Is there a better way than what I'm doing above, if the above is the only way how would I add a delay so that I can ensure that both items are added to the cart and minimize the removal piece that happens?




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You could use specificPrice in your project:

$specific_price = new SpecificPrice();

$specific_price->id_cart = (int)$this->context->cookie->id_cart;






$from_quantity = 1;

//here i saved data from front ajax controller using dbstitch class, which handles the save, get data






$specific_price->id_product = (int)$id_product; // choosen product id

$specific_price->id_product_attribute = (int)$id_product_attribute; // optional or set to 0

$specific_price->id_specific_price_rule = 0;

$specific_price->id_shop = $id_shop;//there is only one shop in this site

$specific_price->id_currency = $id_currency;

$specific_price->id_country = $id_country;

$specific_price->id_group = $id_group;

$specific_price->id_shop_group = $id_shop_group;

$specific_price->id_customer = $id_customer;

$specific_price->from_quantity = $from_quantity;

$specific_price->price = $new_price_without_tax;

$specific_price->reduction_type = 'amount';

$specific_price->reduction = 0;

$specific_price->reduction_tax = 1;

$specific_price->from = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");

$specific_price->to = date("Y-m-d H:i:s", strtotime('1 day')); // or set date x days from now










date("Y-m-d H:i:s"),

date("Y-m-d H:i:s", time()+300));



//when update, primary key is id, but not id_specific_price

$specific_price->id = $is_exists;




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