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Prestashop 1.5 Accessibility (WCAG) and W3C standards

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I've been testing Prestashop 1.5 and reading some documentation, and I have not seem much information about accessibility and standards.



Does anyone know which is the "official" voice or direction regarding accessibility issues?

For example, if we look at drupal's website, we can see a clear statement about accessibility.

Does anyone know which is the PrestaShop "statement", in case there is one? I think it's an important topic because there are some laws that can restrict the use of non-accessible software for public institutions.



In terms of W3C standards compliancy, I've installed PS 1.5 and have seen many errors in the HTML code (ffox validator) , even in a clean installation, without HTML minifying option activated.

Is this something that will be fixed before the official release?




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