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Problem including file in module


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Hi people,


I'm new im PrestaShop and in Web Development (PHP), but I already playing with PrestaShop a little...


I have a doubt about a thing, I tried to include a file in my module, but it shows a weird error.


When I include a file in my module like this:


include "file.php";


It works in the PrestaShop page, but it broke the Module Management (back office) page.


When I include a file like this:


include "../file.php";


This time it works in the back office in Modules page, but now the PrestaShop page broke.


If I include in the two ways:


include "file.php";
include "../file.php";


Now the two pages works, but it always will show a error message in the header.


It's very weird the fact that when a page works another broke, and I cant release a module who will always show a error message to the user, even it working.



God bless, thanks for all!

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For this to work, your directory structure should be (Using PrestaShop 1.6):


    -- mymodule.php

    -- views

    ---- templates

    ------ hook

    ------ displayFooBarTemplate.tpl

    -------- inc

    ---------- foo.tpl

    ---------- bar.tpl


**Absolute way:**


From your main module file:


    protected function displayFooBarTemplate()


        global $smarty;




        $smarty->assign('module_templates', dirname(__FILE__).'/views/templates/');


        return $this->display(__FILE__, 'displayFooBarTemplate.tpl');



then in your tpl file (displayFooBarTemplate.tpl):


    {include file="{$module_templates}hook/inc/modal/foo.tpl"}


    {include file="{$module_templates}hook/inc/modal/bar.tpl"}


**Relative way (my favorite):**


    {include './inc/foo.tpl'}


    {include './inc/modal/bar.tpl'}

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