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Customize Products and Canvas Prints Website


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I think it is very successful. Like it!

Both the idea and design look good to me.


Some tiny comments, though:


- Some translations are missing and some with typos.

- Main page, slider could be changed according to the language instead of writing both languages in one. This way looks more professional.

- Live Support button and slider could be aligned on top

- Twitter and Facebook buttons direct to the main pages. Instead, they may direct to your pages. There are pretty beautiful Prestashop applications for the socila media products. I suggest you to use them.

- I think there is no need to use countdown offers. Your idea is already creative. Those scripts are slowing your page down.

- Instead of Google Search, Prestashop search would be more efficient.

- Countdown offers and featured products should be identity matrices. I mean empty spots on the end line don't look good.

- In the design your self product pages, the customize buttons would be a little separated form Add to Cart buttons.

- The customization applet looks complicated. A little more work may convert it to a more user friendly and self explanatory one

- Especially for the featured products and coundown offer products, the prices are not well aligned and tight. A little more customization may be needed.


Other than those above, I should say that I am impressed.


Cheers :)


P.S.: I also suggest you to purchase Best Quote module of mine as your specialty looks like mostly based on customized products.



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Please please help me in logic, strategy of canvas website in prestashop.


my website: www.picturesoncanvas.com.au/createCanvas.php


I have working code of photo cropping tool but need last step = Add custom product to cart.

How can I add product with selected size, cropped photo link, additional info?

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bit of the same problem -


you can add cart link on your custom product module , and in same action save your canvas with php on your server - then later by checkout move the "product" to a order folder... I think...


add to cart <a href="http://localhost/prestashop/cart.php?add&id_product=1">add to cart</a>

javascript ex. $.post("save.php", {img: canvas.toDataURL("image/png")})

php file = many alternatives just google php and todataurl


But I would like to reflect the customized product image in the cart - or cart summary - I see there is not much help to get, refer to customizable products... -


The prestashop community is rather small, not many posts on the web about prestashop coding and it has almost none free modules -

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Nice online editor. I've developed similar only for my internal needs, with many multi-piece canvases and automatic creating of cuted jpg's for print as well as thumbnails and even more features.


I think that custom code can create images for print, send them by email and join them with an order. There would be data needed in a customized product.

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I love the idea, when i clicked "customize" the pop-up opened but I couldn't see much inside the window just parts of the flash, what are you using to open the window (Pop Up) ?

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