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cache problem

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i'm using prestashop and i have a BIG problem with the cache (i supose). The website name is www.bebepapa.ro and the problem can be reconstructed this way:



1. If i login with a registered user on the front office, i have on the upper right corner the button Log off (Iesire - the site is translated). If i click that button nothing happens untill i manualy press F5 in wich case i am loged off.


2. If i make a order of let's say 40 lei (the store currency) it works fine. However if i try to make a second order, whatever the value of this second order is, on the last page of order confirmation i still get 40 lei as the order value bur if i press F5 the correct value of the second order is displayed.d dau F5 si imi arata valoarea corecta.


If it;s necesary i can provide back office login credentials.

Thank you.

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