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Footer has moved - How can I correct this?


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I have been trying to set up a site using V1.4


See http://www.rhinocad.co.uk/prestashop/


The footer has moved accross to the left but it appears centrally in all other pages.


Can I correct the page at http://www.rhinocad.co.uk/prestashop/ to match the others?


I am attaching the global.css file - if that's the one you need to see.







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I think I have discovered the cause of this problem, but I don't know how to correct it.


Using 'inspect element' within firefox browser, I discover that on the homepage, the footer division is outside the page division.


In all other pages the footer division is inside the page division.


The trouble is, I don't know which file to edit to put this right.


Thanks for any help.



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Hi Marty,


Yes I did. It made no difference.


I have extracted the source code from the active home page when it is live in Firefox.


I have saved this code as site.html an added it to my original post.


If the >div> entries on lines 388 and 389 are removed, the result looks how I want.


The trouble is I cannot find the appropriate html or php file to amend in this way.


Any Ideas?



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Hi Marty,


The code was put exactly where you said.


I got so sick of messing around with this that I changed the code back as it was. I did however delete to footer width.


There is still a difference between the home and other page footers but I have decided to live with it.


Thanks for your help.



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It might be too late for an answer, but i will leave it anyway, someone might find it useful.


I had the same problem, very frustrating,

<div id="footer">

was outside the page division. In my case, it turns out that one of my modules (GoodRelations) was the culprit.

Somehow, this module messed up the divisions, I don't have time to investigate, just disabled the module and

the footer looks as it should again.


If you have GoodRelations module just disable it and check your pages. If no, check the other modules.

Make a local copy of the site and test it (that's what I did :) ).

Don't forget to backup everything first!


I'm using PS

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