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[admin] Goto category in backoffice

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As I had enough of needing 3 or 4 clicks to navigate in my increasingly complex category tree I created a little tool with which you can go directly from one category to every other category. It consists of a little select box where you select the right category and then click on "Go". See the attached image for how it looks.


The modification consist of a a change of the function display() file AdminCatalog.php in the directory Tabs. The new version looks as follows (it was based on PS


public function display()
 global $currentIndex, $cookie;
[... here is the regular content  mostly omitted...]
   echo '<div class="cat_bar"><span style="color: #3C8534;">'.$this->l('Current category').' :</span>   '.getPath($catBarIndex, $id_category);

/* Begin addition */
$query=" select * from ". _DB_PREFIX_."category_lang WHERE id_lang='".(int)($cookie->id_lang)."' ORDER BY name";
$res = mysql_query($query);
	echo '<script type="text/javascript">function GotoCat() {
 var val = document.catform.catsel.options[document.catform.catsel.selectedIndex].value;
 document.location = "index.php?tab=AdminCatalog&id_category="+val+"&viewcategory&token='.$this->token.'";
 return false;
	echo "     <form name='catform' style='display:inline' onsubmit='return GotoCat();'><select name=catsel>";
	while($row = mysql_fetch_array($res))
	   echo "<option  value='".$row['id_category']."'>".$row['name']."</option>";
       echo '</select><input type=submit value="Go"></form>';
/* end addition */

  echo '</div>';
  echo '<h2>'.$this->l('Categories').'</h2>';
  echo '<div style="margin:10px"> </div>';
  echo '<h2>'.$this->l('Products in this category').'</h2>';


At the top $cookie has been added as global variable. Near the bottom the selectform has been added together with a little javascript function.


It is very well possible that this could be implemented as a module but I don't know enough about modules yet and leave that to someone else.



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Thanks very much for this modification. I downloaded the file and copied it to the /admin/tap directory. It works directly after a new login.


I also have 4 to 5 levels of categories and getting to the products was just to slow. Now it is just selecting category - click go and there I am.


Thanks again, Michael Mais, Beijing

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I made an update that allows you to edit a category too. It also allows you to enter a product number and directly edit it (or see its name or go to its main category).


AdminCatalog.php should go to your admin\tabs directory as a replacement of your adminCatalog.php.


ajaxdata.php goes in the main admin directory. As the name indicates it retrieves some data for the product processing.




Edited by musicmaster (see edit history)

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I might do so when I switch for our own shop to 1.5. After a previous attempt I quit and stayed at 1.4 because of instability but recently I am having a new look. So maybe in a few weeks...

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Here is the PS 1.5 version. It was made for 1.5.5. The bar shows only in the main Products menu. 


included are three files:

 - admin/themes/default/template/toolbar.tpl: here three lines have been replaced so that the tool menu comes just before the buttons

 - Controllers/admin/AdminProducts.Controller.php: here the additional code is produced and stored into a variable in the function initToolbar() for display in toolbar.tpl.

 - ajaxdata.php: an additional file that you should store in your admin directory.


Modified code is flagged with the text "wmr" in comments.




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